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Detailing how Trish Stratus and Lita have done nothing to give back

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by: Admin
Word Count: 2010
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 Time: 11:36 AM


For some reason Internet marks are not willing to criticize Trish Stratus and Lita for not doing even the slightest thing to give back to the women's division.  And I'm not even necessarily talking about putting someone over clean, although that would be nice.  I  am talking about even doing the bare minimum.

Even though both of these girls are highly overrated in my opinion, they are really the only two girls from the past that are put on any sort of pedestal by the company.  Most every other girl from the past is either dead, or has so much heat WWE wouldn't dream of using them.  

So you would think Trish and Lita would feel some form of responsibility being in that position and some form of gratitude for being given so much by the company.  They clearly don't.  They not only do nothing to help the women of today in the slightest, they basically spit on and bury them.

I feel pity for them on some level.  It is clear they are beyond marks for themself.  Trish Stratus is the biggest egomaniac mark for herself in the business.  Her whole life is a work.  They are both pushing 40 years old, childless, and try to delude themself that they are still in their prime.   And the window of opportunity to give anything back to the division is rapidly closing.

The purpose of this article is to detail the very appearances since their retirements and show how not only did they do nothing to give back, they actually did damage to the division.


Lets start with Lita...


Her first post retirement appearance was on the 15th anniversary of Raw.  Her role along with Trish was to rid the ring of jobber Jillian Hall.  She then had a brief awkward backstage segment with Kane.


She didn't show her face in WWE for another three years where she then did a backstage segment with Pee Wee Herman of all people.


Her next appearance was a year or so later where she presented a Slammy to Kelly and they stood their ground together against Beth Phoenix.


And her last appearance was showing up to beat male jobber Heath Slater.


Also, as a note she refused to appear in the 25th Wrestlemania battle royale because Trish did as well.


Yep, that is it.  In 6 years the absolute most Lita has done is randomly hand a current Diva a Slammy award.  How pathetic is that?  And if for not dating CM Punk probably wouldn't have even done the last two appearances.

Would it have killed Lita to work a match last year teaming with Kelly vs. Beth and Natalya?  Would it have killed her to turn heel with Eve to help establish her as a heel and do some sort of match like Kelly and Trish vs. herself and Eve?  

These are just a couple examples of realistic short programs that would have helped elevate today's Divas and Lita wouldn't have even had to take a clean loss.  But yet none of that happened.  Lita wasn't seen for a year till she showed up to beat Heath Slater.

So let me get this straight.  After 6 years, Lita finally decides to have a post retirement match and its against a male jobber?  I seriously don't get it.  All the stuff she could be doing to help the women and she won't do that.  But is willing to do this shit?


In her post retirement career she has never teamed with or faced another Diva.  And has not taken any sort of pinfall. 



Now onto Trish Stratus......


First, she insisted on retiring with the title.  And she retired prematurely to make bad reality shows and pursue other ventures.


She did the 15th Raw appearance which I mentioned earlier.  That was just a pointless segment burying a jobber.


She refused to appear at the Wrestlemania 25 battle royale.  Would it have really fucking killed her?  These current girls are busting their ass trying to make the most out of the scraps they are given.  Then the most pushed girl from the past refuses to take part which made it look like an even bigger joke.  And her influence caused Lita not do it as well. 


Her next appearance in 2008 was a pointless backstage segment with Ron Simmons in a show she only did because it was in Toronto.


Her next appearance was yet again in Toronto, a place she seldom will appear away from because she know she will be over in her hometown.  This was a mixed tag match where she teamed with John Cena to beat Beth and Santino.  Although the women didn't take part in the finish, Trish was allowed to get a lot of offense in on Beth.  So thus in her first return match she didn't give any face a rub and made the top heel look weak.


Her next appearance was yet again in Toronto as the guest host.  Her mic work this night was beyond offputting. In the end she interjected herself into a tag match and pinned Beth Phoenix clean via finisher.


I want to make a point that I think Beth agreed to these things in part because she is a mark for Trish.  But also because in her mind Trish would return the favor and put her over. Trish constantly worked her marks that she would face Beth at Wrestlamania etc but of course as we know that never happened. Would it really kill Trish Stratus to have taken a loss against Beth Phoenix, perhaps the most credible heel female in company history?  Apparently so.


Her next appearance was around two years later at the Extreme Rules PPV to promote herself being on Tough Enough.  Her role consisted of coming out to "save" Kelly against LayCool.  How idiotic does it look that the face of the Divas gets beatdown and then an over the hill Trish Stratus comes out and proceeds to beat up both of LayCool while wearing high heels.


After the confrontation Trish raised Kelly's hand and pointed to her.  The reason she did this is because at that point the plan was for a WM match of Kelly and Trish vs. LayCool. And Trish was trying to sell her teaming with Kelly as that shes "taking her under her wing".


This was the closest thing Trish has ever done to giving a rub to a girl from this generation.  However, not long after she did far more damage to Kelly's which ruined that moment. The decision was made to change the match to an intergender match and inject Snooki into the match as the celebrity involvement.


Instead of Trish bowing out as a participant to be an enforcer to counteract Vickie, Kelly was completely politicked out of the match.  Thus Kelly, a current star who could have really used a WM moment, and was built up with multiple main events, was not even on the WM card in favor of a trainwreck celebrity and a long retired Diva.


As part of that angle Trish Stratus had her first singles match since retiring, against non wrestling character Vickie Guerrero and lost unclean.  This is the only pinfall Trish Stratus has taken in over 6 years.  


Also as part of that angle Trish Stratus did awful promo segments with Snooki.  This was embarrassing on two levels.  First, Trish portrays herself as such a classy role model yet is kissing the ass of a celeb for exposure who is known for nothing more than being a whore and a substance abuser.   Secondly Trish is several years older than Snooki so it was a really awkward pairing.  It would have made much more sense to have Kelly paired with Snooki as they are  about the same age.


During this angle Trish continually put over Snooki hard, a non wrestler making a one off appearance, and never mentioned Kelly again.  Trish crapped on the division and disrespected every Diva all for a blurb on TMZ.   Oh, not to mention she stood by while Snooki bit one of Kelly's signatures.  Talk about adding insult to injury.


Fast forwarding a bit, Trish appeared on an episode of Smackdown in the fall of 2011, once again in her hometown of Toronto.  To make a long story short, her appearance consisted of  shilling her yoga gloves.  This was right during the height of the Kelly vs. Beth feud.  These girls were busting their ass trying to make their feud as good as possible despite little creative effort.  Would it have killed Trish Stratus to lift a finger to do even the slightest thing to add to their feud.  She could have cut a promo helping to support Kelly like people underestimated her too but she proved them wrong then have Beth Phoenix come out to confront then KK and Trish get the best of her.  She could have teamed with Kelly against Beth and Natalya.  She could have been in Kelly's corner for a match to offset Beth/Natalya on the outside.

Nope, she wouldn't do anything but sell her yoga gloves.


Also during Kelly's push Trish Stratus went out of her way to do interviews undermining Kelly and saying she identifies more with Beth and Natalya and their “movement”.  What a slimey witch.  Here is a girl hired with no experience, pushed because she was hot, did a ton of bra and panties matches, and had a flashy non technical style.  And shes going to go out of her way to undermine the face of the Divas during her first title push busting her ass trying to build the division.  A girl who has been relied on to wrestle a full schedule for a number of years despite a very young age.  


And lastly was Trish Stratus appearance on the 1000 Raw which was nothing more than a random awkward backstage segment not involving any other Divas.


So lets recap.  Trish Stratus is unwilling to put over Beth Phoenix even unclean. She politicked Kelly out of opportunities and tried to undermine her title push.  Trish has never teamed with another Diva for a match in all these post retirement appearances. The only loss Trish has taken in all these appearance is to a non wrestler unclean.


Its their prerogative not do anything to give back.  But its my prerogative to point that out and the damage they have done to the division.  Theres a lot of potholes on the Diva road to the future and many were put on these two.



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Wed, 25 Jul 2012 at 2:06 PM, by KellyKellyArmy
Um trish saved kelly at the elimination chamber 2011. Not extreme rules. I noticed you'v wrote this alot in other articles.

Thu, 26 Jul 2012 at 11:47 AM, by Martman
Let me ask you a quick question: who has done more damage to the division? Trish and Lita for not wrestling the women currently on the roster and putting them over, or WWE for not even focusing on the womens division and instead scripting Lita and Trish to do backstage skits or comedy matches with Heath Slater? Your focus on kayfabe in the last article shows exactly where your mindset is. You're focusing on BUSINESS on elevating the new generation of stars to get them over. WWE is focusing on ENTERTAINMENT. Putting smiles on the kiddies' faces. And that's what Lita and Trish's roles in RAW 1000 were: entertainment.

Sun, 29 Jul 2012 at 9:15 PM, by Admin

The WWE is at fault for purposely killing the division and doing nothing to help it. To compound the problem, the two girls from the past they put on a pedestal, Trish and Lita, won't do the slightest thing to help the division. So its all around negative.

Trish and Lita have already made so many cameos that its really not a big deal. Espeically if its just doing stupid shit like they have done in their appearances instead of starting a legitimate angle.

Sun, 29 Jul 2012 at 9:16 PM, by Admin
For instance when KK came back from being "fired" she got more reaction that night than Trish. And if KK came back last Monday would have got more reaction than Lita.

Mon, 30 Jul 2012 at 9:36 PM, by Mr.J3D
I've suggested this before, but when Kelly comes back, she should cut a "CM Punk"-esque shoot, where she speaks out about all the mistreatment that she has had to endure from the WWE, and from Trish Stratus.

Now, my personal opinion is this: I don't really mind Trish, or Lita making a once-in-awhile-appearance, but if it's not going to benefit anyone other than themselves, then there's no point.

All it shows is that they care more about promoting themselves, and their outside interests. It's one thing for The Rock to do that, but at least he does make money for the WWE when he makes appearances, and he puts asses in seats!!! Neither Trish, or Lita are popular enough to do that, and let's face this fact: KK has surpassed both of them in popularity, and longevity!!!

Mon, 30 Jul 2012 at 11:44 PM, by Admin
I think that would be good but would never happen. WWE wont give anything good like that.

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