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How the recent and future Diva booking should have been done

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by: Admin
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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 Time: 5:38 PM

Here is the plan I would have done for the Divas for April to September .....


- Kelly beats Beth Phoenix for the title.  Shes the face of the division beyond due for another title run and this way Beth drops it to a top tier Diva.  Instead she was made to drop it to other heels, who have been used as jobbers the last year.  The Bellas are a irrelevant, jobbed out secondary act and in no way deserve having more titles than the star babyface.

That turned out to be nothing but a gift from Vinny to his buddies and not the expected re-debut of Kharma.  So it was idiotic on every level and buried Beth to someone departing.


-  Then get back to a Kelly vs. Eve Torres feud.  These are their two highest level Divas and full effort should have went into this feud and build them as much as possible.  Instead they were thrown under a bus and all their leg work in establishing the feud was wasted.  With Kelly as champion they could have corrected that wrong and got back to building this.

Eve could have used her administrative powers to try to make Kelly's life a living hell kind of like a Diva version of Mr. McMahon vs. Stone Cold.


- They could have focused on this feud a couple months and switch the title back and forth in the late Spring, early Summer PPVS. 


- Eventually, to get an upperhand on Kelly, Eve could bring in Kharma as her bodyguard/hired gun.  This way Kharma gets back to her ideal role of being a heel and by being paired with a heel that gets heat such as Eve it would reduce her getting a face reaction. 

Doing this would also be the smart thing to simply forget about her misguided exit promo and not mention the whole pregnancy thing.



- The feud would then be more focused on Kelly vs. Kharma.  Leading up to their first title match Kharma could be completely dominating Kelly. Attacking her, beating her in non title matches etc.  In their first title match Kharma could be completely dominating Kelly before she scores an upset win via Molly Go Round.

This would give Kelly a credibility boost and not make Kharma look weak in the process.  

In their next title match Kharma would win the title despite of a gutsy effort by Kelly.



 -  Then Beth Phoenix, who would be off TV all this time, finally makes her return as a face to even the odds.  Similar to when Lex Luger randomly returned as a face to go against Yokozuna.



- This then sets up matches with their four highest level Divas.  Kelly and Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres and Kharma.  That could be a potential Summerslam match or Beth vs. Kharma if they want to go in that direction.



So there you have it.  Good sound booking that would make all their main Divas look good.  Instead they are going down a road that is illogical and reaks of politics.  

Rating: 5.0
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