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My opinon on AJ WWE and also how her pushing is kind of similar to Ryback

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by: Admin
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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 Time: 6:21 PM


I feel like a broken record but the reason Internet marks put over AJ so hard is because they are so backed into a corner.  All the various darlings like Gail, Mickie, McCool, Melina are gone.  All the developmental girls they put over like Savannah, Serena, Courtney, Tiffany, amounted to nothing.  Kharma chocked with her big opportunity.

So that is why Internet marks and their leaders like Jim Ross and Joey Styles have all their hopes pinned on AJ.  If she gets injured or something the IWC is basically screwed for having a girl they are willing to put over that they can realistically envision as being high level.  Who else is there for them?  A charisma-less Naomi?  A blind hope an average packaged Paige can stand the test of time in WWE?  So you can see how this is kind of their Alamo.

If anyone else copied Mickie James character the IWC would be endlessly burying them.  But because its AJ they put lavish praise on her and act as if she reinvented the wheel. These are the same guys who buried Kelly for doing a fricken Molly Go Round.  A move of a girl who has been out of WWE for several years.  And don't delude yourself, it is a Mickie James impression.  Granted, not every storyline is going to be exactly the same.  But here is a girl who is a known Mickie mark who has largely tried to pattern herself after her.


My opinions on AJ...


- She is essentially a comedy character.  With this character it has made her like a female Tom Green who has to do more and more outlandish type things to get a reaction. 


- She has an offputting personality.  This type of personality doesn't connect with a lot of people and a lot of the time is is frankly annoying.  Internet marks love to try to push a laughable slogan "everyone loves AJ".  It should more be "all Internet marks love AJ and general fans like to see her do outlandish things for a cheap laugh".


- Following up on that point, shes really mainly just over with smarks.  I don't think a general audiance is really into her and just react for really outlandish things like making out with Kane.  Part of Internet marks agenda is to say "how over she is" but she really isn't especially considering how much major exposure she has been given the last month.  

Some of these shows have been largely all about her and on Monday she barely got anything on entrance and like nothing in the various backstage cutaways they did to her.


- The whole psycho character was completely unnecessary.  They could just have her act normal instead of being typecast as a nutty comedy character.  And would rise naturally up the face ranks as girls like Kaitlyn, Alicia, Tamina, Layla are no real obstacle.  


- She really hasn't been relied on at all as a wrestler.  A few sporadic TV and houseshow matches over the past almost year.  What is going to happen when they need her to wrestle a ton of houseshow matches.  What is going to happen when shes shoved down peoples throats and given tons of TV wins.  Is she going to hold up physically.  And how annoying will she become in a overexposed wrestling role.


- In my opinion its going to turn out that the source of her political support is going to end up being something shady.  Why did they do jack shit with her for years, have her rot in FCW way too long, have her lose NXT, and now they are giving her a bunch of time on their main programs.  Isn't that kind of fishy?

Why is she even needed in a CM Punk and Daniel Bryan feud.  They paired her with Bryan to try to get him a lot of heel heat.  It didn't work. So what do they do, make her role even bigger?


- The exposure they are giving her is just masking that during a time they are giving AJ the most TV time the Diva division is getting more and more in the toilet.  So while AJ is getting cheap laughs for making out with Kane, the division is dying a death.


What is really the end game for AJ? Heres a girl that has an offputting personality that is going to keep a lot of mainstream fans from being into her.  A girl that has an OK look but clearly not the high end look they want to plaster all over the company.  Shes typecast as nuts and has to do more and more outlandish things to get attention. Shes too small to really ever be a believable heel. 

And Internet marks wish is for KK to leave, and some want Eve to leave too.  How exactly would it help the division to lose their most popular most marketable face and the the most marketable and most heat getting heel?  We have seen with them taking a vacation that the division is sinking to an abyss never seen before.  The Divas are lucky to have a match these days.  Theres nothing being put into the Diva title and its feuds.  

Take those two away then the powers that be realize they have no real marketable girls and they are left with a poor mans Mickie James.  An aging Beth with her credible ruined.  An old Kharma will flame out fast because of injuries or heat.  Layla is old and can't carry a top spot.  There aint a hell of a lot on the horizon.

That would just make the powers that be more turn the Divas into a much more reduced niche part of the company.  It would probably be more like it was like pre 2000 where they would have a Diva title feud here and there then its forgotten for long stretches.  And the girls maybe given more high level non wrestling roles but nothing put into the wrestling aspect.  Kind of sounds familiar to right now.  And that is likely HHH's view on how the women should be.


Now onto my comparison to Ryback.  Ryback was known as Skip Sheffield and then after years randomly made a Goldberg type character.  The company is endlessly pushing him down peoples throats hoping it will work.  You see company men like Jim Ross trying to talk about how Ryback has a lot of star potential which is a joke.  And you see Internet marks like that trying to say he is "getting over" which is laughable.  The reality is the guy is nothing special, is doing a bad Goldberg impression, and its funny to see him toss around guys that weigh 100 pounds soaking wet.  As soon as they try to put him in more of a legit feud its going to become more and more apparent that fans don't give a shit about the guy. 

I see AJ in kind of the same way.  She was normal for years then randomly turned psycho.  She is doing a Mickie James impression.  One of the differences is Mickie came into WWE with her psycho character.  Its kind of hard to have someone in the company for years then randomly turn nuts and have people buy into it.   That just makes them more of a caricature of themself and obvious they are just biting someone.  Internet marks bend over backward to try to convince themself how "over" she is and how much star potential she is on the back of getting laughs for doing outlandish things.

The more they tone down AJ's nuttiness and the more shes not around star males, the more fans are going to show their indifference.


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