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The Hypocrisies of Diva Dirt

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by: Admin
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Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 Time: 5:48 PM


It annoys me that people look at Diva Dirt as a source of knowledge for womens wrestling.  They are moronic Internet marks, every girl they put over flops, and they show a complete bias for smark darlings. They in a nutshell are clueless and just pander to other Net marks.  How can someone be looked at as authority in womens wrestling when they are never right about anything?  


Beyond the reality of them having no clue, there is various hypocrisies I would like to point out.


Obsession with putting over Trish Stratus  - Diva Dirts mantra seems to be they want to put over good technical womens wrestlers, especially those in the Indys that have talent but don't get an opportunity because of a lack of top look etc.  I think its misguided but I can respect that on some level.

But then they endlessly hype up Trish Stratus who goes completely against that.  A girl who was hired because she was hot, never really paid any dues, endlessly pushed because she was hot, did tons of bra and panties matches, did tons of modeling etc.  She wasn't a good technical wrestler and pretty much every girl they had on the roster (Victoria, Molly, Gail, Ivory, etc) were better technical wrestlers. On top of that, she has done ZERO to give back to this generation of females. Yet Diva Dirtt gives Trish Stratus their "legacy" award. Why give this to a girl who basically goes against their mantra instead of some Indy darling that never got a chance in a big company like Sara Del Ray?



Years of bashing and undermining Kelly Kelly - As a followup to the last point, the Diva Dirt team for the longest time had a harsh bias against Kelly.  Something that makes no sense since they talk up pretty much every female in the business.  Why would they mistreat a girl who has actually had a smark friendly career and became the top Diva in the company.  In addition to that she is the closest thing they have had to their beloved Trish Stratus.  Their career paths are a lot alike and despite all these years relied on to wrestle shes only slightly older than when Trish debut as a valet.  

Yet Diva Dirt and other Internet marks always pass off every dud female as the "next Trish" and then bash Kelly who is really the only thing similar.  A girl with an ideal look, attained stardom, been used a ton as a wrestler, and has longevity.  Theres really nobody else that has those attributes other than Kelly.  They simply have treated her with a shady bias because shes not a smark darling.  So what kind of message does Diva Dirt send that they support womens wrestling but then when one actually has success they bury them?



Kissing ex-Diva's asses to do shoot interviews - Diva Dirt strives, in their mind, to further womens wrestlers and to paint them in the best light possible.  Yet one of the main things they do to get attention for their site is to kiss the ass of ex Divas to do shoot interviews so they can say stuff about current Divas.

How shady is that?  How is it good for womens wrestling to have disgruntled talent bury current Divas and expose backstage stuff.  A good example is Maria Kanellis.  They pretty much never supported her during her WWE career.  Then as soon as she was out of WWE and free to shoot on people they endlessly have kissed her ass to get her to do an interview.



Having columns about fashion -  I definitely don't get this one.  Their focus strives to be to put over technical womens wrestling and then they have articles where they are rating Divas clothes like they are Joan Rivers or something.  If they want the women to be treated with the same respect as men then why focus on such superficial things that just make the girls look like eye candy.



Strongly putting over every developmental female -  Why give so much respect to girls who have mostly paid no dues and are likely to never have a match in WWE.  Especially when they endlessly put down Kelly who has been a tenured workhorse.

The reason they do this is because its ass kissing to get more female talents to follow them on Twitter.  Then if they ever became over faces, they along with other Internet marks would turn on them.



Not admitting they are wrong in their outlook on almost every Diva -    At some point they need to publicly acknowledge their dreadful record in evaluating talent.  If one of the main goals of their site is to present themself as an authority at evaluating female talent they sure aren't very good at it.  I could post a whole list of girls they have vastly overrated that were flat out busts from Savannah to Courtney, to Rima Fakih.  Girls they heavily hyped that didn't even last one WWE match.

Often after those girls flop out of WWE they essentially give up on wrestling.  Diva Dirt still continues to put them over. Such as Savannah not pursuing a TNA tryout to focus on modeling. 



Not willing to say that Michelle McCool is maried to the Undertaker - Despite being in a widely known and publicized relationship with the Undertaker for five years Diva Dirt is unwilling to mention it.  The reason for this is they don't want to do anything to irk McCool because they want her to do interviews so she can shoot on current Divas.  But when it comes to a Diva they don't like, they will talk about their relationshp.  For example when they buried Kelly for going on a simple date to a football game with Jeremy Piven.




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Sun, 20 May 2012 at 5:52 PM, by momijisan89
don't forget....now they are trying to get into MMA

Sat, 23 Jun 2012 at 12:26 AM, by anonymous
Yeah that whole MMA failed on them

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