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Women in WWE: A Rebuttal to a Fat Idiot

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by: Admin
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Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 Time: 11:53 AM

The other day by chance I heard some disrespectful comments by a has been failed ex announcer. Like other Internet mark panderers they are clueless when it comes to editorializing. Theres a difference though between being clueless and outright nasty and disrespectful to the talent. This article will firstly take him to task and then give an indepth explanation why women are needed in the business and should be respected. His quote is.... "As I’ve said for so long, that’s what the girls are there for. They don’t draw money, they can’t work, they can’t talk, they’re there to screw the boys; comfort women for the road."

What a vile, ignorant, misogynist viewpoint. It gives a good glimpse into the type of flawed person this is and their hatred of women no doubt is the result of none giving him the time of day in their life. He says this type of sexist shit to appeal to other loser Internet marks because its what they want to hear. They like to be hurtful of attractive girls, it somehow gives a boost to their non-existent self esteem.

Can you imagine the field day this idiot would have if it was Kelly in the exact situation Kharma is. Getting pregnant ruining a massive push and build up. Multiple people coming out of the woodwork claiming to be the daddy. Why won't you call Kharma a whore? Because shes a smark darling and doesn't remind you of the girls that rejected you in high school. And second of all if she ever saw you shed break your fat fucking jaw.


First off from an athletic standpoint, female athletics have increased in popularity over the years and in some sports get more focus than the men such as figure skating and gymnastic. Theres simply a interest in it. Then the other component of the business is entertainment. Name any entertainment vehicle where women don't have a strong place. Whether its music, TV, movies, its kind of hard to have an entertainment genre where there isn't women playing a predominant role as stars. Why should 'Sports Entertainment' be any different, its not.

Going back in time a bit when they started to push a more exciting cuter girl than the traditional hags they infrequently had in the company, Wendi Richter, she got way over. It brought a female to the forefront who was hip to pop culture and started to establish the mold of a girl who could look good and still be aggressive. The truth is Wendi Richter was so over during her run that she was often the co-main event.

As the years went by the womens wrestling division slowly evolved and there was various other prominent women. Chyna was very over for a stretch. Lita was generally very over. Trish Stratus had high level packaging and was the first to really get the mold right of pretty girl that is flashy and spunky. She and Lita had various main event matches. Mickie James then entered the scene and was the backbone behind a very over feud.

In some of the years after this about the only thing that held the division back was alot of the divas of the following generation really flopped such as Christy, Ashley etc. And the problematic scenario of having to give the Undertakers unover wife an endless four year push which killed interest in the division.

Present day Kelly overshadowed every girl they have tried to push, lasted the test of time, and became the top female star in the business. She is arguably the best packaged woman in the history of the company giving a high end look, flashiness, acceptance by the fans as a babyface, and appeals to young people. She built her popularity without the benefit of having the title and now that she has it can heighten her starpower even more. She has already had multiple main event matches, one of which was the highest rated Smackdown since moving to SyFy and that looks like its going to stick for awhile. She has been relied on week in and week out and if you do the research she is basically the most injury free Diva ever.

If Kharma hadn't dropped the ball, right now we would be having a Kelly v. Kharma feud which would have been way over. The popular babyface against the big monster. What does the company have currently going on that would demand more eyeballs than this? Super Cena's latest stale feud? Randy Boretons latest rating killings feud? Once you get past those two guys its a pretty steep dropoff. And Hell, every time they put the title on Orton ratings and houseshow numbers tank and hes basically their second biggest active draw. So if the #2 guy in the fucking company can't draw what does it say about everyone else?

Whats after those guys. Do you think the next level of guys like Alberto del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Wade Barrett etc are really draws? Thats a laugh. The only active guy they have who has a noticeable positive effect on ratings is Cena. Beyond that the only people that seem to spike ratings are Stone Cold and The Rock who aren't even employees.

How many men in the company right now are more over than Kelly? Honestly, maybe 8? Its not a hell of a lot. She is one of the biggest stars in the company and its rising the more she is legitimized and given higher level angles. She is one of a handful of people on the roster that are propped up as one of the main faces of the company in all their high level marketing. Her Facebook and Twitter combined total is 7th out of all the WWE employees.

The woman are a niche part of the product but within that group there is a huge star or two every generation. My point about it being a niche means its a smaller part of the card and theres only a need for so many Divas. Kelly and Beth Phoenix are essentially like the Richter and Moolah of this generation. Beyond that you really only need a handful of supporting cast and developing girls to surround them. Its not like the male roster where you need a handful of main eventers, a handful of upper main eventers, a handful of tagteams and so on to be the majority of the stars.

Kelly provides the centerpiece babyface star for the division and given worthy adversaries, those would be feuds that could be put very high up on the card. Like I said Kelly v. Kharma would have been huge. Beth turning on Kelly would be huge. These are feuds that would be generating more interest than just about anything the men are doing beyond Cena's feud. That is the reality. A reality Internet marks cannot stand. The main reason being despite their years of hate and burying Kelly became the top female star. For whatever reason they can't process in their head why a girl who is similar to Trish Stratus, a girl they are undying marks for, is a big star. They can't process why Internet darlings like Gail Kim who is old and unover isn't the focus of the division. Instead its a girl they despise, for the egregious act of being well packaged and over, and ironically has actually had a very smark friendly career. They can't bring it upon themself to admit they were wrong about her or at least at a minimum show some respect.

Speaking of respect, the women in wrestling that go out there every night and put their body on the line deserve respect. There are Divas such as Kelly, Beth Phoenix, etc that work full wrestling schedules and deserve nothing but respect for that. Even if you don't like them for whatever reason, have some fucking respect for the sport. They are having matches every houseshow, matches every leg of long overseas tours, etc. And these are straight matches, there hasn't been a bra and panties match in three years, but to listen to some smark idiots youd think they are still going on.

Another aspect of a female star drawing in business is their appeal to a young audience. In case you don't notice on the Internet there is tons of tweens and teens that love Kelly and some of the other Divas. They are fans of someone they see as hip, young, and exciting, the same way they treat stars in other entertainment genres. It doesn't take much to see on Twitter and Youtube how obsessed young people are with girls like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and various other young females celebrities that have shows on Nickelodeon or a hit music album.

These tweens and teens are going to live events, buying merchandise, starting fan sites, making tribute videos on Youtube, making fan clubs on Twitter and so on. The level of obsession a lot of young people have for some Divas is no different than how they treat those various young entertainers. Its drawing in people, especially females in this case to be consumers of the product that otherwise might not be.

It would make no sense on any business level to not have a female divison. Its only one match on the card and there enough positives that come out of it without any real effort needed to be put into it. A lot of fans, male, female, young, old, like the Divas. Maybe some bitter 30 something Internet smarks don't like them, but they make up a small fraction of the fanbase and although vocally loud are irrelevant. Many fans like seeing the females do their thing just as they may enjoy the female version of other spots. Females can convey emotions and build a bond with fans different from men. They are also integral to any soap opera type storyline obviously. Its kind of hard to have entertainment without women. That would be a sausage fest.

And one of the main reasons they have to have a female division is because if they didn't all their competitors would have something they don't. TNA's male product has been so bad over the years that their females, most of which are very minor league, can draw on par or better than them. Kelly v. Beth/Kharma or Beth v Kharma would be capturing more attention then what 95%+ of the male roster is doing. With the title finally on someone that is over you are going to see much more of an upswing in the division as they build up worthy adversaries for her.


Of course it came as no surprise that the fat idiot and other bitter Internet marks were like a kid on Christmas morning when Orton made his hateful comments on Kelly. Comments which proved nothing more than how much of a moron Randy Orton is and how much of a failure as a leader he is. If he wasn't one of Vince's golden boys he likely would have been fired. The comments were beyond tasteless and disrespectful on every level. But fat idiot was like a pig in shit and tried to use this as a vehicle to reinforce his hatred of women in the business. The reality is no matter how much obese smarks like this hate Kelly she became the top female star in the business. She busted her ass every week and despite being the most popuar Diva still had to wait 5 years while they used the title as a failed experiment to try to get unover girls over. What Diva in company history has had to pay the dues Kelly has before getting the title?

Whatever she does or doesn't do in her personal life doesn't change the fact that she is one of the top stars in the company and works TV and houseshow matches every week for the fans. But based on moronic vile inaccurate comments by a guy who has been a backstage dick all the way back to his days of shitting in womens bags, fat idiot wants to bury every female in the company and liken them essentially to prostitutes.

First of all, no semi known star in WWE is hurting for pussy. There is plenty of rats out there in every town more than willing to get with a celebrity. Even more accessible than ever with smartphones, Facebook, and so on. There is no dire need to have females in the company to serve this purpose. Being too close to a love interest just creates a Mickie James type situation where she was such a backstage pain in the ass over a Cena relationship that they had to abruptly trade her to another brand. That is why you'll often hear talent say they don't date Divas because its not a good idea to 'shit where you eat'. Second, the road schedule is less hectic than when there were far few women in the company. The talent these days works their TV show then heads back home for a few days before working a couple weekend houseshows. Nobody is away from home that long like you would hear the horror stories of the brutal schedule of the 80s. Thirdly, many of the Divas have boyfriends that aren't even in the business. Fourth, truth be told theres really only maybe 4 Divas that are truly hot, the rest are average looking women. If your bringing in women for the sole reason of being hot you sure wouldn't hire Tamina, Kharma, Natalya etc.


Now lets talk about hypocrisies. Its how Internet marks call out any non smark darling but act like their darlings are Mother Theresa. They won't call out Kharma getting pregnant and having multiple men come out of the woodwork. They won't acknowledge that Beth is dating CM Punk and before that Cody Rhodes. They won't acknowledge the skanky personal lives of Mickie and Melina. There are literally still Internet mark sites out there that won't even acknowledge that McCool is married to Undertaker. I'm not making that up. But these Internet marks jump on every Kelly rumor like red meat in front of a shark because they are desperate to bury a star that isn't a smark darling. Thats why that fat asshole jumped on the comments like he did and would never try to bring up his nasty viewpoints with a smark darling as the focal point of his sexist hate.

The last hypocrisy is its ridiculous to call out any woman when the men in the business are absolute pigs but don't get called out for it. Lets start with Randy Orton. Can you imagine how many nasty rats this guy has fucked over the years. Then he gets married and has a kid and acts like hes Ward Cleaver now. He and all these married guys are no doubt still fucking girls on the side, don't kid yourself. Or how about how Lita got buried as a slut but Matt Hardy gets passed off as a saint. A guy that has fucked some of the most nasty rats you could imagine over the years. So its kind of idiotic to bury female talent that enters into a relationship with intentions of it being successful but then hold the men to no accountability that are out there fucking anything with a pulse as a whim.

Bottom line females have a needed place in the business just as they are needed in any entertainment. Their booking may not always the best but everyone in the company has suffered because of an incompetent creative. The top star females are capable of having a high spot on the card and drawing more interest than most of the men in the company. Nobody that works hard and puts their body on the line in the business should be treated with disrespect. While Kelly is on the road working ever leg of a tour becoming even more of a star, fat misogynist irrelevant idiot just gets closer to a massive heart attack.


Rating: 5.0
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