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My opinion on WWE Raw going three hours

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by: Admin
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Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 Time: 8:44 AM


I have suggested that they go three hours in the past but in recent months I more backed off that stance.  Lets be realistic, if they can't book a 2 hour show very well how can they effectively book a 3 hour show?

To fill that time theres going to be even more filler on the show than there currently is.   Constant replaying of stuff that happend earlier in the show.  More long video packages on people like Cena and his charity work etc.  More video packages promoting their movies or whatever they are selling at the time.  And even more drawn out in ring promos.

It also does not solve the problems with their ineffective TV lineup.

They still have Smackdown on Friday night which is about the worst night possible.  They should be focusing on getting that on Wednesday or Thursday as their first priority.  They are putting effort into producing NXT when it should have been shelved.  NXT reminds me of the dying days of their ECW, its awful and pointless.

And they completely mishandled Superstars so now its just a crappy webshow mainly featuring low level talents that only hardcore fans care about.  They should be striving to get Superstars a Sunday morning timeslot on TV.  This way they have a show on the weekends that not only would heavily target kids but would be one last sales pitch to sell PPVs.

I think their better bet is to just keep Raw two hours and book it a lot better.  And make the rest of their TV lineup more productive.  In order to make a three hour Raw really work they are going to have to really step up their booking and put more effort into tag division, secondary titles, and Diva division.  I have zero confidence that they can do that.

Look at their recent three hour shows.  They haven't been very good and neither have the ratings.  Oversaturating an underachieving product makes no real sense.



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